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We are a mobile phone repair training institute, providing courses to people in New Zealand.
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We will set the gold standard for structured mobile device repair education in New Zealand.
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We are defined by the same core values of OmniTech. Nurturing the opportunity for you to learn how to repair your own phone. read more

Our Courses

OmniTech Academy
Introducing you to the fundamentals of mobile repair tools, functions, and the skeleton of a mobile.
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OmniTech Academy
Students will learn about in-depth mobile repairs software, including firmware, IOS, IMEI, and unlocking.
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OmniTech Academy
Building on all that was covered in prior levels and handling advanced repair jobs. Integration into the workforce.
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Find out opportunities available that are available to you.


Learn skills to advance your technical knowledge.


Network and meet others in the same field.

Career Opportunities

Prepare for the future.


We will help you every step of the way.

Our Testimonial


Meet Luke, he has been working with OmniTech for two years. "I put my skills ahead of anything because it's my future. I've been able to get some experience from working but learning this course has given me more hands-on repair experience. I learned that you needed to be more delicate with mobile phones."


Aleki studied with us in July and completed our Mobile Repair courses level one and two. "When I first started I only knew how to use a mobile phone, ..I've now gained confidence in my skills and can now identify issues in a phone and change a battery"


Meet Nikhil from our Dunedin team.He has just completed Level 2 at the OmniTech Academy. "I've learned more advanced repairs just in level one, than the video tutorials I have found online. I'm also much more confident in my skills now than I was before I did this course."


Meet Palak from our Botany, Auckland team. She was one of the first to experience our first week of OmniTech Academy. "So my training here has been very good. Before I wasn't aware of many things. Such as the tools and Samsung repair. Now I can say I know these things. I can see my future in this."


Here's what he had to say about the OmniTech Academy Mobile Phone course level 3. "I learned a lot, specifically to build and repair, which is not as common find. It was fun and easy. You learn and then you do it, which keeps the information fresh in your mind."


"I learned about Chip level repair which I didn't know before. with more practice in my spare time, I'm excited to use it in my work" "I put my skills ahead of anything because it's my future. I've been able to get some experience from working but learning this course has given me more hands-on repair experience."


"I really liked all the different devices I learnt to repair... The instructor was very patient and gave explanations on what to do and what not to do and made me feel very welcome and prepared for future repairs."


"We learned more about the software rather than the hardware. Understanding the logic and reason behind what has caused a fault in the mobile phone."


"I thought level 1 was easy, but I just need more practice. Ankush is pretty detailed about everything and doesn't discourage you from doing stuff wrong."

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