A Few Words About us

OmniTech is the top mobile repair service company in New Zealand, with a centre for mobile repair education. We are well placed to understand marketplace requirements.

Why Choose Us

We will help you every step of the way in giving you the tools to change your future.

Our Mission

We will set the gold standard for structured mobile device repair education in New Zealand.

What We Do

We are a mobile phone repair training institute, providing courses to people in New Zealand.

The Academy you can trust

OmniTech Academy will train its students to focus on current market trends, the future from our customers perspective and developing strategies to meet new challenges and opportunities. We continuously strive to be the leader in an extremely competitive market.

OmniTech Academy

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Our History

OmniTech history in New Zealand

Year 1997


A young man came to New Zealand and settled in West Auckland. He had a small family to support. But he dared to dream big. His name was Alex.

Year 2000


He set up a small stall in the Avondale Flea Market and started selling mobile phone accessories. He wanted to earn extra cash to survive and feed his family.

Year 2003


Alex opened his first shop in Auckland CBD selling accessories and started learning repairs as he saw the opportunities in repairs were growing. He had a vision.

Year 2005


The Business took a dive, as many businesses do. This did not stop Alex. Learning from his failure, Alex started a new business - OmniTech, now a household name. Repair sales grew rapidly. Alex noticed that customers often complained about the lack of reliable places to repair phones. Here was an opportunity to better help customers so the repair business began.

Year 2011


Alex learnt how to frequently sought-after repairs. He taught himself how to do more intricate repairs through watching others, online and trained himself and his team.

Year 2015


The Business started to boom. One store became five. Five became ten. In 2015 Alex owned over 25 stores across NZ. More than 40 technicians were recruited, trained on-the-job and the repair business continued to grow. Every store had a repair technician trained internally by the company. Alex personally helped mentor train and supervise all trainees with the Workshop Manager.

Year 2020


Alex built a training academy housing six expert senior technicians at the West Auckland Head Office . We welcome you to our state-of-the-art Repairs Centre. Equipped with training stations with modern repair toolkits, video to shoot, critique and correct. Trainees will receive both classroom and on-the-job repairs training by our in-house experts. Ongoing piloting of an in-house training for all our repair staff across New Zealand, will help test and refine our curriculum, and module content with real life students.

Our Values

Outstanding. We will train our students to be outstanding in their work ethic and to provide outstanding service to their customers and colleagues.
Multi-cultural. We welcome students from all over the world. OmniTech is a multicultural organisation and we celebrate diversity.
Nurturing. We encourage our students to nurture others and have a genuine desire to assist each other. In this way we will succeed together.
Innovators. We will train our students to be innovators in products and services.
Team. We will work with our students to achieve goals as a team. There is no 'I' in 'Team'.
Enthusiasm. We are enthusiastic and passionate about training our students for future opportunities.
Confidence. We have confidence in our training product and courses.
Honesty and Integrity are values we instill in our students.
Achievement. We will help you achieve the very best you can.
Confidence. Our training will give you the confidence to succeed in your future.
Academic. Academic excellence is our promise to you.
Dignity. We will treat you with dignity at all times.
Education. Proper education is the key to success and we embody that.
Magic. You will bring the magic to succeed and help others to bring out their own magic.
Youthful. Our training and trainers will bring a youthful zest to the courses we provide.

Our Team

We believe our success can be attributed to our employees. They are the backbone of the company. Their skills, motivation, passion, and knowledge are the key to our achievements and growth.