Why Repairs?

Mobile Repair Opportunities

Repair is good for manufacturers, for the economy, and for the community.

OmniTech are Tech Savvy. We love to get devices repaired and, we have built the centre to help more people learn and develop their professional repair skills.

Career Opportunities

With a three-week course under your belt, you as an Omni Tech Student will have a variety of options for your future.

Graduates could work as a repair technician with OmniTech or any other mobile repair company across New Zealand. See our job opportunities here.

Graduates may also choose to start a side hustle, become instructors themselves or become self-employed, working to flexible hours and even from their homes. At the end of the course, you will also keep the basic tool kit.

The opportunities are endless. Whether just to learn some extra skills, income or a hobby, limitless possibilities open up for you. There is no denying that the education you will gain will be useful to you in the future.

OmniTech Academy

Why OmniTech

We will provide you the tools you need to fully utilise your potential to completely repair your own phone and enhance your career development.

The environment we have set up is perfect for students to have hands-on experience and be surrounded by other students who you can socialise and network with.